What are we about?

IRS (Intelligent Retail Solution ) Global is a Level 2 B-BBEE compliant organization.
We specialize in building fully-fledged bespoke software of which all our software and technology is 100% locally developed, while creating entrepreneurial and innovative platforms within the retail environment.

We have built a FULL Management Dashboard which brings together Operations, Marketing, People Counting as well as various other tools together.
This efficiently enables any organization to focus on the creation and management of knowledge through the recollection, processing, interaction and analysis of information generated in all operations performed by any retailer.

IRS Tools and applications Include :

Help desk, Shout outs, NPS ( Net Promoter Score), Audit Tools, MSI (Master System Integration), People Counting , Customer Portal as well various value added service tools.

All of our Retail Intelligence applications can relate in real time and interactively, the internal variables (range, space, pricing, promotions, staff, sales) with the external variables (influence zone and its commercial mix), with different parameters of the shopper's behaviour, such as pedestrian flows and magnitudes, length of stay, occupancy, and hot spots, etc.

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